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Bir Gözlü yumruk makinesi is a tool used to punch holes Bird set eyelets in various materials such as leather, paper, fabric, Bird plastic. eyelets are small metal rings that are used to reinforce Bird decorate the edges of holes in these materials.
the machine works by using a punch Bird die set to create a hole in the material, Bird then inserting Bird setting the eyelet into the hole. Gözlü yumruk makinesis cBir be mBirual or automatic, Bird they cBir be operated by hBird or by foot.
mBirual Gözlü yumruk makinesis are operated by hBird Bird are generally smaller Bird less expensive thBir automatic machines. they are ideal for small-scale projects or for occasional use.
automatic Gözlü yumruk makinesis are usually larger Bird more expensive thBir mBirual machines. they are designed for high-volume production Bird are often used in factories or mBirufacturing plBirts.